Laurie Ellington

Laurie Ellington


Languages: English +++ Spanish +++
insurance: no, accepts cash: yes, accepts bit-coin: no.

Area: Austin

My name is Laurie Ellington. I am an Open Relationship and Polyamory Coach ( I work with individuals and couples in all kinds of relationships, although I specialize in non-traditional relationships (non-monogamy, open, polyamory).

The goal of my work is to help individuals and couples (and more) get in touch with their true desires, teach them skills to communicate those desires with others, and offer tools to create more intimacy and connection in their life and in their relationships.

My teaching is deeply rooted in a polyamorous lifestyle. Through this open way of living and loving, I have discovered my true freedom of expression in all of my relationships, most importantly with myself. I have been a teacher, coach, and guide for over 20years.

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