The REFFORM Foundation

The REFFORM Foundation


Languages: English + Deutsch + Polish +++
insurance: no

Area: Warsaw, Poland

About the Foundation
The REFFORM Foundation for Health Promotion, Social Ties Building and Counteracting Exclusions & Discrimination has been established based on the notarial deed in the Notarial Office in Warsaw in 2016 (Register no. A 1204/2016).
The Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization acting in the public benefit sphere on the basis of and under the applicable rules of law. Its seat is in Poland’s capital city – Warsaw, and its business activities are undertaken throughout Poland and abroad.
The organization is supervised by the minister responsible for social care as well as The Warsaw’s City Mayor. The foundation’s authorities are the Management Board, Chapter with Audit Committee.
Fields of operation:
1. Health Promotion
2. Social Ties Building
3. Counteracting Exclusions and Discrimination
The Foundation’s main program is The Maciej Chojnacki Nest Program. Over the last 2 years, 25 persons were registered to the Program (as of October 2020). Still, three of them keep receiving our assistance daily, one receives legal advice due to stalking he experiences, 2 of them got financial support to find their homes. The Program helps find one’s way to live freely, to feel the someone cares and to be able to live the life one wants to.
The Foundation also helped the Chechen gay people by offering financial support and collaborates with a Gay Foundation for Deaf Gay Persons in Poland as well as with Bears of Poland Associations.
Recently, The Foundation became a member of RAZEM PLUS II Consortium helping HIV+ people to
settle and find the best comfort in their lives. The Foundation offers psychological and legal assistance.

About the founder
The Founder of the Foundation is Robert Strzelecki, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Polish Armed Forces, a veteran of Iraqi Freedom Operation in 2004. His background includes military and civilian degrees of B. Sc. and M.A. as well as Post Graduation Studies in foreign service. Robert Strzelecki loves travelling, learning new languages, he plays piano, and his favorite composer is S. Rachmaninoff. For last 13 years he has been a life and business partner of the reFForm Fetish Store’s owner. Together, they run the biggest fetish store in Poland and offer 1% of its revenue to the Foundation every year. As a President and Founder plans and executes the projects of the
Foundation. He takes part in social meetings, sponsors main fetish events (Mister Rubber Poland elections, Mister Leather Poland elections, Mister Bear Poland elections) in Poland, supports multi fetish movement in Poland.

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